In today’s article, we will talk about an old and famous website in the micro-tasks field, rapidworkers is one of the oldest websites in this industry everything on this website hasn’t changed from the beginning, if you look at the home page of this website you will know how old this website if you are willing to work in the micro-tasks you should consider this website as the first websites that you must have an account on it.

What are Rapidworkers?

Rapidworkers are  about connecting people who need something done fast at low costs (Employers) with users who want to help
and have a chance to make some quick money(Workers), they have more than 500k active users and pay thousands of dollars every day to the workers, workers can choose from very different sorts of micro tasks to work on, but make sure to understand their rules they are very strict to the rules and can ban your account on any moment if you didn’t follow the rules.

How can you start?

Create an account from this link/ https://l.linklyhq.com/l/1vf8M, verify your email address, and log in to your account there is no required test or anything, after you log you will see hundreds or even thousands of the jobs available on this website.

Understand the available tasks

The most important thing when it comes to working on this website is to understand the available tasks, the available tasks have 7 things you need to know them very well,

1-Job name: the job name from the employer determines if you are capable of doing this task or not.

2-Target workers: the location of the workers that the employer needs, For example, if you are from Japan don’t work on a task the employer needs American workers.

3-Payment: the amount of money you will earn if you do this task right and the employer rates your task as satisfied.

4-Time: how much time you have to finish your task, if you exceed the available time your task will close automatically

5-Status: the status of the job if available or not, if the status is with the color Green this job is available, if the status is with the color of RED this job is not available.

6-Done: how many workers does the employer need to do this task, how many workers have already done it, and the remaining to close this task.

7-DEL: this option allows you to delete this task if you do not like to work on it.


How to do tasks on Rapidworkers?

First, choose any task that you can do, open the task, read it, understand exactly what the employer needs, and look at the location of the worker if you are not from this country don’t do this task, follow the steps, read the required proof, the required proof will be a text or you will need to upload a screenshot with a link, the best platform to upload screenshot is snipboard, upload the requirements, wait the employer rate your task.


Rapidworkers Rules

Make sure to follow these rules to avoid getting banned, they are very strict rules if you get banned you will lose your account and the available balance in this account,

1-Only one account per user, if you create more than one account they will ban you, they know if you create more than one account from your IP address.

2-Choose only the task you feel that you understand, if your Success rate is below 60% you will get banned.

3-Campaign countries, Workers should only accept jobs from the countries that are specified in each campaign,  if you are not from that country it will raise flags from employers that will lead to account termination.

 4- Using more than 1 account and accepting the same job more than allowed by the employers will result in
account termination.

5-Not allowed to use VPN, Proxies, do not share your account or use public/Hotspot WIFI… workers’ IPs are monitored when doing the tasks


 Some tips for Rapidworkers website

Choose easy tasks: try to choose the easy tasks that you are comfortable working on, search for the same sort of tasks, and do it all. for example, if you like to do YouTube tasks try to search for more YouTube tasks and do it all, to make sure that all of these tasks will get approved by employers.

Your location: make sure that the job location is your location to avoid that you are spam the jobs and getting banned, you can do the task right but the employer doesn’t need workers from the location, so check the location before you do the task

Personal information: try to avoid any jobs that employers need personal information for you like phone numbers or PayPal accounts, these jobs are spam and you could lose money by doing it.

Success rate: Keep your eyes close to the success rate, and make sure to look at your success rate every week, because if your success rate is below 60% you will be banned.

How you can withdraw your money?

The only way to withdraw your money on this website is by PayPal and the minimum payout is 8$, you can withdraw your money by sending an email to (admin@rapidworkers.com) after your account balance reaches 8$, and the email mentions these three things, Your email on the site, Your Paypal email that you want the payment sent to,  IP Address under Last Login Info (top right).

What we don’t like about Rapidworkers

Spam jobs: there are a lot of spam jobs on this website, so as we said before try to avoid the jobs that need your personal information.

Very bad support: the support team response is very very very slow if you have any problem with your account it will be solved but you have to be patient until they respond to your emails.

Locations: I don’t know why they make this option, I mean why they are showing the job that I can’t do, you have to know my location so you have to filter the jobs and show them to me like MICROWORKERS AND SPROUTGIGS, so make sure to check if your location is available for this task or not.


Rapidworkers is a great website that offers thousands of microtasks jobs, the website is very old and well-known in this industry, if you are willing to work on microtasks or you already working you have to make an account and start working on it, but also you have to understand the website first, make sure to read the rules section in this article and also the tips section to maximize your earnings from this website.

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