In today’s article, we will talk about SproutGigs website, another great website that offers micro tasks and many ways to earn money from it, you can consider this article as a guide to the workers to explain to them how they can earn money from this website.

What is SproutGigs website?

SproutGigs is a well-known earning website because the website offers plenty of opportunities to earn from it, it is not just a micro tasks website, no you can work as a freelancer and offer your services, and you can take surveys, also there are a lot of offers to earn money from it, theses plenty of options make this website is popular among the workers or anyone want to start the earning journey from the internet, with all theses option the most important thing that they are a legit website, they have proven evidence that the pay for thousands of workers, we use this website for years and the payment receive in time without any delay.

How you can earn from this website?

1-Create an account: Sign up to the website from this link/https://l.linklyhq.com/l/1uE2X, enter your name, and email address, and set a password, the most important thing your profile type choose (I’m a worker ) like the below photo, when you choose your country choose you real country if they catch you using a VPN service they will block your account, even if you have money into it, you will lose your account and your money also.


2-Verify your email: after you finish the sign-up process, they will send you a verification mail, verify your email, don’t do this from an Incognito browser due to security reasons, they want to make sure from your IP address.

3-Earn: after you finish the email verification, log in to your account, to start working and earning money make sure your account is on freelancer mode like the below photo.


how many sections you can earn from it?

there are 3 sections to earn from this website,

1-Gigs: this section means if you have any skills you can make a post explaining your skills and put a price for it and also the delivery time for this service, you can see a lot of services available choose the one that you feel suits your skills and make a post about it.

Note/This section is only available for advanced users, you have to work first on the other departments and make some money to promote yourself to become an advanced user.

2-Micro Jobs: In this section, you will get access to the micro-tasks you will see a lot of tasks available to you on a daily basis, when you click on this section you will see 4 options are open for you,

job level: in this option, there are 3 levels starter, advanced, and expert, for sure you will start with the starter level, when you do more tasks and your tasks are rated as satisfied you will get promoted.

Category: This option means the sort of tasks that you want to work with it, you will see a lot of categories and choose what you like.

Payment: this option allows you to choose the price of the task that you want, if you want to work with tasks that only pay 1$ they will show you only the tasks that pay 1$. the payment range will be from 0.02$ to 5$.

Location: This option allows you to choose the locations that the employer wants, some employers need only specific countries in their tasks.

Emp.Stats: this option allows you to choose the tasks that are rated low or rated high, which means you can choose tasks that the employer rated most of as satisfied to unsatisfied


4-Surveys&offers: in this section, you can take as many surveys as you want, sproutgigs made a lot of partnerships with big companies so you will see a lot of surveys you can take, the same for the offers you can work in the offers section the companies pay very well for offers for such easy tasks like download app or play a game.


Some tips for sproutgigs website

1-Expert level: if you decide to work with sproutgigs website, focus on reaching the expert level because when you are on that level you will get promoted for high tasks which means more earning chances, also when you reach the advanced level you can post gigs as we say before, so promoted your level it will be a smart move from you, and will open more gates for your online earning.

2-Know your rights: if you did some tasks, and one of them the employer rated them as unsatisfied but you are sure that you did it right, send the task to the support and believe me your task will be rated as satisfied and you will get paid, sproutgigs support team is on of the best things in this website, you can reach to them easily and they will reply in minutes.

3-choose your tasks: when you open the micro tasks sector you can see more than 1000 jobs available, some of the tasks pay 0.03$ and some 5$, my advice is to choose sign up section, it is easy to understand you can earn a good amount of money from this option as the payout is very high compared to other options.

Sproutgigs payment methods

Once your account balance reaches 5$ you can withdraw your balance to Airtm, letcoin coin, and Uphold

What we don’t like about Sproutgigs?

The only thing that we don’t like about sproutgigs website is something called a task interval timer, this is the time in seconds you have to wait between complete tasks, example if your task interval time is 60s you will have to wait 1 minute between every task you submitted, every new worker start the task interval timer with 180 second, for every satisfied task for you reduce the task interval timer 10 seconds, for every unsatisfied task you will gain 20 seconds penalty, if you submitted fake proofs or spam you will gain 60 seconds penalty.

Note/To make a withdrawal request and to be able to withdraw your funds, your task interval timer must be zero.



Sproutgigs for sure is a great website if you want to earn from micro tasks jobs, they offer many jobs besides micro jobs like post gigs, surveys, and offers.

choose what you like to work on it and for sure you will earn money, don’t forget to read the tips section in this article to maximize your earnings on sproutgigs website.

if you want some additional websites that you can work on it the same jobs, check these articles.

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