in today’s article, we will talk about Microworkers website, one of the best microtasks that offers microtasks for workers to earn money from it, as usual, we will review the website, explain every detail about it, how to earn money from it, and more things so make sure to read the full article.

What is Microworkers website?

Microworkers is one of the oldest, legit, and most trusted microtasks websites, they help companies and websites to manage their outsource jobs and connect workers with them in one platform, they have been in this field for 14 years, we consider Microworkers is number 2 in micro tasks websites after amazon mechanical Turk, as a worker you can earn money by doing the available microtasks for you at many time and there is no limited tasks you can do it in a specific time you are free to do as many tasks you want.

How can you earn from Microworkers website?

1-Sign up: first, you have to create an account from this link/https://l.linklyhq.com/l/1uDPW, after that, you have to verify your email address, log in to your account after that you will see at the top right button called account press on it, verify your phone number by sending SMS to the website.

Note/When you sign up and choose your country, choose the country that you are resident in this country right now, don’t choose your nationality, because unfortunately, the country will not change after you sign up, and if you move to another country and try to login in, there a message will appear ( wrong IP address ) and you cant sign in to your account.

2-English test: before you can work with this website you have to take an English test

3-Available jobs: after you pass the exam and you want to start earning, press the jobs button and you will the available jobs for you,


These are the available jobs for me right now, as you can see in front of every job you will see 4 things,

payment: which explains the amount of money you can take if you make this task right, but you have to be informed that microworkers take 10% for every earned money from you, example there is a task you did right and the task payment was 1 $ you will take 0.9$ and the website takes 0.10$.

success: means the percentage of satisfied tasks that have been done example if the employer needs 100 people to do his task and there are 100 tasks done but 90 tasks are right and 10 tasks wrong that’s means that the success rate for this task is 90%.

TTR: is a shortcut of time to rate means that the maximum number of days for an employer to rate your task, if the TTR passes and the employer doesn’t rate your task, your task will be satisfied and you get paid automatically even if you did it wrong.

TTF: is a shortcut of time to finish means that this minute is the maximum for you to submit your task, if you don’t submit your task in the range of the TTF your task will close automatically and you can’t submit it again.

Done: means number of the workers done this task, and the remaining workers for this task to reach the required number of workers.

3-Choose your task: choose any task you want from the available jobs for you, do it right, and do exactly as the employer wants, that is you will get paid after the employer accepts your task and makes it satisfied.

What are the tasks you can find on microworkers website?

There are 5 types of tasks you can find it on this website,

1-Microworkers task: the ordinary tasks of the websites and you can find it by pressing the jobs button you will see different kinds of tasks, and you can choose between these tasks ( qualifications, testing, mobile application, surveys, click and search, transcription, data collection, annotation, video/music sharing platforms, social media, promotion, answers&comments, forums, download-install, write a review, write an article, blogging, leads, moderation, translation, others ) choose the right task for you and start earning money from it.

For the next 3 tasks you can find it under the number of available jobs check the below photo to know how you can find it.


2-Cpx Research: contains a collection of different surveys, in every survey box you will see the amount of money you will get paid to complete it, and also the amount of time you will spend to finish it.

cpx research

3-Cint: when you press on Cint button you will have to answer some questions on your cint profile there will be 95 questions but you will have to answer at least 3 questions to start qualifying for Cint tasks and surveys, after you answer recorded you will have available Cint jobs and actually they pay very well for this tasks and surveys.

Cint Surveys

4-Revenue Universe: in this section, you will see two things surveys and offers, but these small tasks will pay you points not money, for every 100 points equals 1 $.

revenue research

5-POLFISH: also this section has surveys and offers, but it will pay money not points, but if you want to take surveys you need to create a profile and answer some questions.


Some important tips

1-Success rate: microworkers have a success rate for every worker on the website if your success rate is less than 75% you will get a block of doing tasks for 30 days, so please don’t do the task if you don’t understand it.

2-Qualifications: as we mentioned before they have a qualifications section try to focus on this section, because the employers want workers with special skills which means if you get accepted in this qualification you will be on the list of this employer, which means you will be qualified to bigger jobs and also bigger payments.

3-Most Paying: you will see a most paying section, which means the most available higher payment tasks for you, try to keep yourself on this section always to maximize your earnings from the website, you will see a lot of tasks that pay 2 or 3 $ and you can finish it on 5 minutes, the tasks are much harder but the payment worth it.


4-Screenshots: most of the tasks require screenshots, you will see a button on the website to upload your screenshot, but sometimes it is lagged so try to upload your screenshot to another platform like Snipboard after you upload your screenshot take the link and paste in the website also.

How to withdraw your earnings?

1-ONTO: minimum withdrawal is 9$ plus the processing fee of 10%, which means your account balance should be 9.5 $ to be able to withdraw.

2-Paypal: minimum withdrawal is 5$ plus the processing fee of 10%, which means your account balance should be 5.5$ to be able to withdraw.

3-Payoneer: minimum withdrawal is 20$ plus the processing fee of 10%, which means your account balance should be 22$ to be able to withdraw.

4-AirTM: minimum withdrawal is 5% plus the processing fee of 10%, which means your account balance should be 5.5$ to be able to withdraw.

Two Notes/1- You can request a withdrawal from Monday to Friday only

2- you have to complete your KYC verification before you place any withdrawal request, KYC is a shortcut to know your customer, which means you have to upload your personal paper like your national ID and proof of residency, the KYC takes 5 days to be approved.

What we don’t like about microworkers?

1-lags: sometimes when you submit your task there is a message supposed to appear to tell you that you successfully submitted your task, instead of that your platform will lag and will not count your task, if this happens with you try to talk to support to solve this problem.

2-Allocated tasks: when you want to do a task and try to accept it, there is a message will appear that you can’t do this task because all the tasks allocated to other workers, so why does the website make the task available to workers? I have been working on this website for more than 5 years and i don’t know the answer yet, but for sure it is a waste of time for the worker.



Microworkers is a great microtasks website, from 14 years until now the website still running and still paying to the workers, they have a lot of different tasks and also have surveys, try to understand the website and focus on your skills to gain the maximum profit for you, read the tips section in this article, this section will help you so well to understand the website in a short period of time.

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