In today’s article, we will talk about Timebucks website, another microtasks website, and a lot of earning options that exist on this website, as usual, we will talk about how to make money from it, the best tips to use it, a full review for this website.

What is Timebucks?

Timebucks is an Australian website, well-known website among workers on the internet, It has a strong reputation as a website, and the idea of this website was to let the worker earn from the easy tasks that they already do it everyday like posting on Facebook, playing games, watching videos, and download apps in your mobile, the best thing about this website, it is very good for beginners the tasks are very easy to understand, i see the tasks as fun, you already do this everyday it is like you get paid for your daily routine things.

How you can earn from this website?

1- Create an account: you have to sign up first you can sign up to this website from this link/https://l.linklyhq.com/l/1uDcH, you can sign up by your Facebook or by your email address, when you sign up from our link you will earn 0.5$ bouns.


2-verify your email: after you sign up and earn your bonus they will send you email verification, verify your email address you will earn another 0.20$ bouns, so the total bonus will be 0.70$.


3-Earning section: after you verify your email address, and log in to your account you will see the earning section and the magic will begin in this section, this section has 5 different things to earn from it we will explain everything in detail.

Surveys: you will see a ton of surveys in this section from a lot of companies with different payouts, some payouts are very high and some are very low, in this section timebucks uploads a something called daily poll try to answer it and earn from it every day.


Content: This section is very easy to understand not require any experience to earn from it, content section has 3 things,

1-Clicks: In this task, you will get paid to click on links from advertisers, You must view the website for the specified time in seconds to receive your credit, the rate for one click is 0.001$

2-Engage: In this task, you will get paid to watch specific YouTube videos, This task can be fully automated once the video starts as long as it is in focus, but the rate for one video is very low 0.005$.

3-Pushclicks: In this task, you will get paid to click on browser push notifications, You will get paid a certain percentage of Yesterday’s Earnings for every click. This means, the more money you earn in the previous day, the more you will earn for each push click. You will get 12 paid push clicks per day, sent every 2 hours. 

Tasks: as many microtasks websites, you will see a lot of available tasks for you, in every task box you will see 4 things, avg time this is the average time you will have to do the task in this range of time if you pass this time the task will close automatically, the completion rate is the number of the people percentage who did this task right, frequency is your ability to do the same task as many times if you see the frequency is once off ever that’s means you have to do it for one time only, after you submit your task and the employer make reject your task but you feel or sure that you did it right you can make a dispute to timebucks website which means timebucks is the judge to take the right decision if they see you did the task right you will get paid even if the employer refused you task.


Refer: This means you could invite your friends, family, and other workers interested in the same field to this website, and you will earn 10% of their earnings balance, For example, if they earn 10$ from timebucks website you will get a 1$ bonus.

Offerwalls: This means a lot of companies offer tasks for you to do, most of these offers will be downloading an app on your mobile to test it, playing games, which is very good and fun also, and they pay very well as you can see in the below photo there is a company that offers you play the game and earn 30$ that’s insane really.


Some tips to earn more

1-Ignore content section: this section is very easy to do but the most important thing for us is how much money we will make on this section, the payout in this section is very low it is a waste of time to you as a worker, example, like clicks the click rate, is 0.001 even if you do 1000 clicks you will make 1$ totally wasting your time, you have to think right you can make this 1$ in 5 minutes from tasks, surveys, and offer walls.

2-WEEKLY CHECKLIST: if you click on your dashboard you will see something called a weekly checklist, you will receive a bonus for completing earning goals, use it as motivation you will work more to earn more money and the website will give you a bonus for your hard work.


3-Ladder: same idea as a weekly checklist, when you are one the top workers every week, the company will give you extra bonus with also the bonus from the weekly checklist, so you are earning two bonuses from two different sections, it is just free money.


Timebucks payment methods

Once your account balance reaches 5$ you can withdraw your balance through Payeer, Bitcoin, Skrill, AirTM, TangoCard, Bank Transfer, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

payouts take place every week on a Tuesday, 11:59:59 PM (New York time).

Note/ not every payment method is available for all countries, you will see the available methods for you when you place a new request to withdraw your earnings you will see the available methods.

Timebucks cons

1-Lagging: a lot of time there will be lagging in the website, you can see sections are down and not working at all.

2-Bad support: The Timebucks support team is not good at all, not helpful, not quick in response, and I don’t know the reason they have plenty of users, but from our experience try to message them on social media platforms they will reply quickly.

3-Little earning: a lot of tasks payout is very low, so you have to understand what to work on this website and what to ignore because you can spend hours on this website without earning a decent amount of money.


Timebucks is a very good and well-known website, user friendly and you can earn money in a lot of different ways that suit a lot of workers, even if you are a beginner or expert on earning from these websites you will find tasks and jobs for you, the most important this is to understand this website very well to make your earnings worth the time you spend it on Timebucks.

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