Get Grass (a big airdrop coming )

Get Grass


In today’s article, we will talk about a new website where you can share your internet and earn money, Get grass is the website we will talk about it today, the website is still in beta mode but there will be an airdrop for the early users like us, and if you do not know what is the meaning of the airdrop we will explain everything in this article.

What is get grass?

Get Grass is a new website where you can share your unused internet and earn money, the website is new and still in beta mode but it gets a lot of funds from financial institutions to get launched, if you sign up now and use this service now you will be an early user and you will get an airdrop, that means you will get awarded when they launch the company and make it live to all the users, the website has nearly 500 k users so we still very early try to use their service as soon as possible to earn some good money when they earn.

what is the meaning of airdrop?

Some of you will ask about the meaning of airdrop work in business, an airdrop is a word the companies in the beta mode or before the launch use it to grab some users to try their service or buy something from their store or do some activities on the website or their app, on of the best examples of the airdrops was SWEATCOINS app, I remember to use this app before they launch and they promised also the early users to get airdrop when they launch and that’s exactly what happens when they transfer the app from beta mode and they launch it we got some juicy money from just walking every day and nothing else very easy and free money try to read this article and use this app you can still do that and earn money, so get grass company is the same case they promise the early users to get airdrop when they launch so we are very early try to do exactly the same steps we will do to earn some good money when they launch.

How you can start with get grass?

1- Create an account from this link/

2-Download the extension from this link/, after you download the extension open it and it will show you that the internet connection quality will be in 3 moods, the first mood that the internet quality is 85 % that’s the best mood, the second mode that the network quality is 50 % you are earning but not in the best mood, the third mood that the network quality is 0 % you are not earning anything so when you are using your computer or laptop make sure to check your extension to know if you are earning or not.

Get grass

3- That it you are earning now, if you need to see how much you are earning grass log in to your account, and you will see in your dashboard how much grass you earned in total, and also how much grass you earned today, the network quality and if connected to the website or not, also the earning statistics and shows to you everyday earning

get grass

Some tips

Use Grass on multiple devices: right now they are available only in the browser but the mobile app will be coming soon according to their website, try to download the app when will be available to earn more grass instead of using it on one device only.

Don’t cheat: the extension and the dashboard can know your IP ADDRESS so don’t cheat and make a lot of accounts and use the extension from different browsers, they will know and they will ban you.

Keep your eyes on the extension: when you are using your computer or laptop keep your eyes on your extension to see if your network quality is good or not because the earnings depend on the network quality.

How do you get paid?

During the Beta phase, you’ll earn Grass points, at the end of the beta these points can converted into cash, they haven’t decided yet how they can reward the users, 90% the Grass will be cryptocurrency points like SWEATCOINS, also follow them on TWITTER to any update on when they launch and when they will reward the users, and we also will update this article when we know updates.


Get Grass is a new website to share your internet and earn some money, the website is still in beta mode but they will airdrop the first users like us because we were part of the company before they launched, the companies that make the airdrops before the launch 90% of the airdrops worth the wait, make sure to start using the website as soon as possible because the more early you are the more you will earn when they launch if there any update we will update this article and explain step by step au usual.

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