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In today’s article, we will talk about another way to get free money from the internet, we will talk about sweatcoin app one of the most important apps that must be on your mobile, we will talk about everything from how you can create an account and use until how you can get your money.

What is Sweatcoin?

Sweatcoin is a mobile app that allows users to earn digital currency, known as Sweatcoins, by walking or running outdoors. The app uses the phone’s GPS and accelerometer to track outdoor steps, and users are rewarded with Sweatcoins based on their activity.

These Sweatcoins can then be exchanged for various rewards, including fitness gear, gadgets, and even offers from partnering brands. The concept is to encourage physical activity and a healthier lifestyle by providing a tangible reward for walking or running.

More than just a pedometer, Sweatcoin aims to motivate users to adopt an active lifestyle. We’ll explore how Sweatcoin values outdoor steps differently, providing a unique incentive for individuals to focus on their fitness goals.

How you can start with sweatcoin?

First, create your account from this link/ https://l.linklyhq.com/l/1vdcS.

second/ after you create your account allow them to access your GPS, it is safe if you have any concerns you can read the privacy policy for them.

third/ start earning, every day when you make any steps it will automatically convert to sweat coins.

Explain the app

In this section, we will explain the app step by step, the app has 4 different things.

1-Home: in this section of the app you can see how many steps you walk in this day, and your total balance, also there is a something called daily reward which means you watch some videos and you will earn from 1 to 100 sweatcoin depending on your luck, and the last thing is daily x2 boost that means this mood will be made your earn double than the basic mode and it allowed to use it every day for 20 minutes only.

2-The Marketplace: in this section, will be the marketplace for the app, some companies made a deal exclusive to only sweatcoin so try to check it you can see something you like, also in this section you will see that you can donate your sweatcoin to the charities and it is up to you if you want to donate some of them or all of them or nothing, and the last thing is auctions which means that the app offers some products and you can bid on this products with sweat coin and the highest bid wins the product at the auction.


3-The wallet: this section shows you your total balance and also your past transactions and we will explain in the next heading how to convert your sweat coin into cash.


4-The community: this section is related to the community and activities and if you want to follow friends or join any club or community.


How can you withdraw your coins?

So we know from the last heading that you can use the sweat coin to shop or bid and donate, what if you need to convert your coin to cash, if you want to do this step you have to download the app called Sweat Wallet and open the sweat coin app, go to your wallet then connect it with sweat wallet and every coin you will earn it from walking you will see it in the sweat wallet app.

Download the app, IOS/https://l.linklyhq.com/l/1vdoX


So currently we know how to withdraw from sweatcoin app, now we need to know how to withdraw from SWEAT WALLET APP, there are plenty of ways to do this but we will explain the easiest, and also this is our way.

you need to open an account with Kucoin from this link/https://l.linklyhq.com/l/1vdoq, kucoin is one of the biggest crypto exchanges and the only exchange that has the option to buy or sell the sweat coin, so we trust it 100 %, so how you can transfer you sweatcoin to you kucoin account,

1-open your kucoin account press on deposit then search for sweat coin, choose NEAR NETWORK they will give you the address.

2-copy the address from kucoin then open your SWEAT WALLET APP, press on transfer then send then choose sweat, paste the address you take from kucoin then search and choose the amount you want to send then send.

3-After the coins are delivered to your kucoin account, you can convert them to USD and then transfer them to your bank account or sell the USD you have in the P2P SECTION.


the withdrawal process seems hard I know, but once you make it a lot of times it becomes very easy, but this method works if you don’t need anything about crypto because you can lose all your funds if you do something wrong.

Some tips

We will give you some tips to maximize your earnings from this app, and all the methods are free, try to do all these steps to earn more coins.

1-The daily rewards: when you open your sweatcoin app you will find something called a daily reward, In this section all you have to do is watch 3 videos every video from 30 sec to 1 minute and you can earn from 1 to 100 sweat coins, it depends on luck.

2-Daily 2x boost: if you are walking every day for work or just a sport try to pick the time that you will at least walk for 20 minutes, open your app you will find a mood called daily 2x boost turn it on, this mood will double your earn, example if you walk 20 munites and earn 5 coins in this mood you will earn 10 coin, i see it as a good mood actually.

3-Stake your coins: the price of the coin is unstable, so if you want to save the value of your coins, you can keep it in your wallet, and earn 12 % over them after a year, example if you stake 100 coins after a year it will 112 coins if you want to do this option open your wallet, then choose the stake option to choose the number of coins you want to stake it then press on stake, that’s it.


Sweatcoin is one of the easiest apps to make free money even if the amount of money is not good, you don’t need to do anything, you just earn money from an activity you do every day without the app you will also do this activity so try to do it and also earn money, try to read the tips to maximize your earning, and also if you are willing to convert your coins to cash do the exact steps we explain to avoid losing your coins if you want more websites or apps that will earn from it some free money try to read articles in this section.

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