Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk


When we talk about micro tasks and we want to earn from it the first website recommended is Amazon Mechanical Turk, this website offers a unique space for workers to earn money by completing a variety of tasks, in this article we will explain the website, learn how to make money from it and more things.

What is Amazon Mechanical Turk?

Amazon Mechanical Turk is not just a platform, it’s a portal to give you the most paid micro tasks and you can work on it from your home, you are working with one of the most famous companies in whole history I think this is one of the strongest reasons if you are thinking to work on micro-tasks that you have to choose this platform and focus on every task and opportunity on it to maximize your earning.

Note/This website is not available to all countries so try to check your country before you sign up.

check if your country is available from this link /

How can you earn with Amazon MTurk?

In 2 steps we will explain it step by step

1-Getting Started: sign up to Amazon Mturk, if you have an Amazon account it will work, if you don’t have an Amazon account, you can sign up from this link/, you just have to enter your name, email address and set a password for your email, after you finished you have to verify your email address.

Note/after you verify your email address, amazon will send you that they have received your application they will review it, after 2 or 3 days they will accept or reject you, but if you are from the available countries 90 % will be accepted with them.

2-Browsing HITs: after you get accepted with them log in to your account you will see a button called marketplace, you will see a lot of different tasks to choose one task from them, and understand what are the requirements to complete the task, after the task is approved enjoy your profit.

What are the tasks you can find on Amazon Mturk?

1-Image/Video Processing

2-Data Verification and Clean-up

3-Information Gathering

4-Data Processing

Strategies to Succeed on Amazon Mechanical Turk

1-Choosing the Right HITs: before you choose any task to do it you have to choose the right task to begin work on it, read the task understand it, because the important thing to succeed is to rank among the other workers.

2-Efficiency is Key: to maximize your earnings on Amazon MTurk or any other micro task platform, the more tasks you can complete in a short time, the more money you can earn from any platform.

3-Learn new skills: you have to Consider expanding your skills, to access more different tasks, every task needs a different skill so try to learn a lot of skills to be able to do all the tasks easily without finding any trouble in doing them.

4-Stay Informed: Keep up with MTurk forums, communities, and online resources to stay informed about the latest high-paying HITs.

5-Establish a Routine: Creating a daily or weekly routine for completing HITs can help you manage your time effectively.

6-Maintain Quality: Accurate and high-quality work leads to better opportunities and requester approval, which can result in higher pay and bonuses.

7-Set Earning Goals: Define clear earning goals to motivate yourself. This will help you track your progress and stay focused.

Withdraw methods on Amazon Mechanical Turk

U.S.A Workers: you can withdraw your earnings to USA BANK or Amazon gift card.

NON U.S.A Workers: you can withdraw your earnings to an Amazon gift card only

Note/ both U.S.A Workers and NON-U.S.A Workers Amazon Mturk will require them to enter their tax information to be able to withdraw the earnings.

What we don’t like about Amazon Mechanical Turk?

1- It’s not available in all countries, and even if your country is available on the website you could get refused, you have to get accepted to access the marketplace, and there are no requirements for acceptance, it is a decision the website takes it Whether accept or refuse the application.

2- The time to rate the tasks is so long, some tasks take up to 14 days to be rated, if your rating is good and the requester is satisfied you will get paid, if not you will get nothing, 14 days is a long period to rate tasks.

3- For non-USA workers, you have to withdraw your earnings only with an Amazon gift card, and if you want to convert your gift card to cash it will be a nightmare for you, because most of the gift card exchanges work only in the USA.


Amazon Mechanical Turk offers workers a of opportunities to earn money online, By understanding how the platform works, improving strategies, and doing it in this platform, you will be on the way to an online earning experience.

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