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In today’s article, we will explain website, how you can earn from it? and how to earn the bonus?, and many more things in this article.

What are pawns. app?

Pawns. app is a website and mobile app that you earn money from it, through two ways share your internet connection or you can make, money by taking surveys by simply answering some questions and getting paid from it, the surveys will be on all topics not only one topic depends on the company that want peoples opinion.

what we love about, is that according to our research and their privacy policy, your data is protected 100 % and when it comes to sharing your internet it is the most important thing to still safe.

what we don’t love about them, actually two reasons

1-For every 1 GB of your shared internet, you just get 0.20 $ to your account balance, which is very low compared to the internet you shared.

2-The number of surveys is very low compared to the other survey sites.

How you can earn from

So the most important thing is how you can earn from this website we will explain it step by step,

1-sign up to this website from this link/, you can sign up with Google, Apple ID, or your email address

2-verify your email address, after logging in to your account, you will see a bonus 1 $ in your account balance.

3-Download the app on your PC or LAPTOP, that is it, the more you share the more you earn, but make sure that your sharing is on because some internet providers block this like below photo.

Some tips to increase your earning

We will give you some tips to maximize your earnings from this website,

1-As usual any website that gives you money for sharing your internet, the more IPS you share the more you earn, so try to link your mobile advice to your dashboard to make your account linked to 2 IPS that means your earnings are double now, download the to your mobile,

Google Play/


2-Participate in social media contests

3-Invite your friends to and you will earn 10 % of their earnings when they make any withdrawals.

How to payout your earnings?

you can withdraw your earnings in 3 ways we will explain it,

1-Paypal/once your account balance reaches 5 $, go to your dashboard under the balance there will be a button called Request payout, press it then enter your Paypal email address

2-Bitcoin/also once your account balance reaches 5 $, go to your dashboard under the balance there will be a button called Request payout, press it then enter your Bitcoin address, but we don’t recommend this method due to Bitcoin fees you will lose a lot of your earning because of the fees.

3-Gift card/Once your account reaches 5 $, but the gift cards are not available for all countries so check if your country is available for this payout method from this link /

Conclusion is like honeygain like any other website that offers this kind of earning, it is a good way to make money from the internet, and if you think it is not a big amount of money you are right, but remember that money still money even if the amount was low, you didn’t make any effort to earn it, its a passive income and you deserve it.

as usual, try to read this article to know how to keep your internet connection safe.

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