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In today’s article, we will talk about very important tools that every blogger should know, builderall is a company that provides many tools and services and every blogger should take advantage of these tools, we will explain every tool and how you can benefit from it.

What is Builderall?

Builderall is an all-in-one marketing tool. The platform comes with several marketing tools that are all designed to help you start and manage your online business.

The product was created in 2011 by the renowned digital marketer, Erick Salgado.

However, the company’s story began in 2008 when the marketer started eBusiness4Us Inc. with the sole purpose of digital marketing and entrepreneurship.

Although Erick had gathered quite a following by 2010, he noticed that not all internet marketers had access to success. Most of the available tools were too expensive, and not many businesses and individuals could access them.

He, therefore, decided to come up with a single platform that would offer all the necessary tools at a reduced cost. The platform would also not require many skill sets to use. And this is what gave birth to Builderall.

Today, Builderall has some fantastic stats. The platform boasts more than:

  • 40,000 users
  • 500,000 websites
  • 50,000,000 leads collected

With the range of services that the platform offers, we can only expect the numbers to go higher in the coming years.

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What Does Builderall Do?

  1. Build Websites From Scratch

Your site needs to be attractive enough to land the right audience, contain relevant information to keep them hooked and be optimized to rank higher on search engines for related keywords.

If you don’t know how the search engines work, try to read this article.

Builderall comes with the elegant Cheetah drag-and-drop editor that you can use to build your website from scratch.

You can start by picking a template from the various categories and get to work.

2. Generate Scripts


With Builderall’s script generator, your work becomes so much easier. Script generators are handy tools but can be quite expensive when sold as a separate product.

With these features, Builderall automatically comes up with scripts for just about anything that you can then tweak to serve your purpose.

Whether you are looking to create:

  • a webinar
  • an email script
  • a sales funnel
  • an advertising campaign

The script generator has always got you covered.

Besides, Builderall optimizes the scripts for conversion, allowing you to turn more site visitors into customers.

3. Email Marketing


Builderall’s email marketing feature, Mailing Boss, is available for all pricing plans.

With this feature, you can manage your leads and convert them into paying customers.

Besides, Builderall also lets you integrate the platform with third-party platforms. You, therefore, get the freedom to choose between the in-build email autoresponder or a third-party app.

4. Create Funnels


One of the platform’s unique features is the Canvas funnel builder.

This feature lets you map out your funnel however you want on an open workspace. Once you are done, all you have to do is click on a button, and Builderall will create the funnel for you.

Besides, Builderall allows you to share your funnels with other users, so you can always replicate a funnel that you like, without building it from scratch.

5. Course Creator


If you are a teacher or online tutor and want to create a course there is no better than builderall to do this for you.

Inspired by the best streaming platforms your audience already knows like Netflix, HBO MAX, and Disney Plus.

Also, they offer these services in the course creator section: responsive interface, live system, chat system, tracking progress for your students, final tests, and custom certifications.

6. Booking app




7. Chatbot


You can create your own virtual customer service and don’t let your customers wait for hours to get a response to any inquiry.

Also, you can create your bot WITH SCHEDULED RESPONSES.

8. professional mail


In this service, you can get professional mail with your domain name like this:

It will give you more trust to your audience especially if you are selling something, more branding with a tool like this.

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Who Can Use Builderall?

Online business owners who are only just venturing into digital marketing will appreciate the platform’s ease of use.

Because the platform was designed to help small businesses start and manage their online stores, Builderall is an excellent choice for novice digital marketers.

The tools on the platform are accessible, and there are plenty of materials to help users get the most from Builderall.

One of the platform’s best-selling features is the easy-to-use Cheetah drag-and-drop builder. Thanks to this fantastic tool, anyone can use the platform to build their websites, pages, or whatever else that you may need for your business.

The best part?

Builderall’s templates are all free

…which makes it an excellent choice for anyone without any coding skills.

All you have to do is pick whatever elements you want to add and place them wherever you desire on a page.

Besides, the templates are all categorized into different industries, which makes your work easier of you are building a niche-specific site. If you would want to put your creativity to the test instead, Builderall lets you create pages and websites from scratch with a little coding experience.


Builderall is also ideal for anyone who would want to double up as an affiliate marketer as well. Most marketing solutions offer an affiliate marketing system for their users.

The affiliate program features a two-tier system that allows marketers to earn commissions from the sales of their direct referrals.

The system also lets affiliates make some bonus commissions for the low, mid, and high ticket courses.

Generally, Builderall is an ideal tool for all kinds of marketers, both novice and experienced.

The range of tools available in the platform makes it suitable for whatever business goal you have, be it starting an online business, maintaining and managing it, or scaling it to the next level.

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What is Builderall Used For?

1. Animation And Video Editing


Builderall helps you create and edit compelling videos that you can then use in your marketing.

If your business requires that you create visual content such as webinars, the animation, and video editor tool will be a welcome addition.

2. Grow Your Blogging Journey


Thanks to the Builderall blogging app, you can learn how to create your business blog, maintain it, and grow it.

The app comes loaded with some useful tips to help you learn how to monetize your blog.

3. Build Your eCommerce Store


builderall features an eCommerce Integration tool that will enable you to create and maintain your eCommerce store.

You can also benefit from the platform’s e-commerce tools such as coupons, check-outs, and pop-ups, among others.

4. Live Streaming


Builderall makes it easier for you to connect with your audience across different social media platforms.

Thanks to the live streaming feature, you can connect with potential clients on Facebook and YouTube. The live streaming tool allows you to create a live webinar and invite guests across the globe to the live stream.

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How Can You Make Builderall Work for You?

1. Use other people’s funnels

Like Clickfunnels, Builderall lets users share their funnels on the platform.

This feature is especially useful for newbies who may not know how to create and launch a successful funnel.

Instead of spending hours on end trying to come up with the perfect funnel, you could use funnels that have already worked for other marketers.

2. Use specific templates

The best thing about Builderall is that the website and page templates are divided into various niche-specific categories.

Say, for example, you want to build a gardening website. The platform includes a variety of models in this niche.

To get the most out of the platform, it would be advisable to go for the specific templates as they are better optimized to rank higher in searches. Like funnels, you can also share website templates, so be on the lookout for some templates from other users that could work for you as well.

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Builderall is one of the best all-in-one marketing solutions that you can use to grow your online business.

The platform comes with an integration of useful tools that could help you meet your business needs.

Besides, the Builderall affiliate program is quite lucrative and is an excellent way to make some extra income from the platform.

The marketing solution offers a 14-day free trial period that doesn’t require you to enter your credit card details. Go ahead and sign up for the trial to help you decide if the platform is ideal for your business.

Start your 14-day free Builderall trial.

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