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In today’s article, we will talk about one of the most important tester websites, that any beginner tester should have an account on it, utest is not just a website no it is a big community, they have more than 1.5 million visitors every month and most of them are working as a tester, so imagine the opportunities on this website.

What is uTest?

Utest website was created in 2007 and from that moment there has been a booming result every day to be honest, the website connects companies most of them software companies with people and we call people in this case as a tester, the word of tester now become very important job we can’t replace it imagine our world today every day there is a new technology and new project we need to test it with consumers first before we published to the whole world if you need to know more about tester job try to read this article, because we will focus only in this article in utest website.

Why do you have to choose utest?

As a tester, there are thousands of websites that you can work on it, but why do you have to choose utest as your priority if you have been working with 100 websites as a tester you have to put this website on the top 10, actually, the answer is very simple they have more than 1 million testers worldwide a huge number of workers, 10000 new testers sign up every month, millions of dollars pay every month to the testers, all of these numbers refer to just one thing you are in the hand of a big company and there will be a room for you as a new tester or an expert tester.

How do you start with utest?

1-First you have to create an account from this link/

try to fill out all the fields and answer all the questions honestly example if you speak 2 languages it will be great for your profile, so fill out all the sign-up fields to make sure to be able to work on a lot of projects on this website.

2-After you sign up and confirm your email address, log in to your account and finish the utest learning section first like the below photo


3-Finish your tester profile: after you sign up and finish your learning section, go to your profile and finish all the fields and we mean all of them because when your profile is good and full of information it will be super easy for companies to know how you are. and if you are fit for the job they offer or not also the higher your profile the more invites you will get from utest website, it is an important thing to know in your profile section you can choose the type of work that you want to work on it some of the people doesn’t love to work in work involve testing gambling sites or adult things, there are some jobs that you have to buy something from a store because they want to test the store but you will get a refund, of course, we will let you know how to turn off these things or turn it on, go to your profile then go to your payment testing then turn on or off the thing that you want to test it and earn money from it.


4-after you finish your profile you can start working with them in 2 ways

first way/ they will invite you to the projects by mail when they find something that matches your profile, try not to miss these invites it is very important to be active with these emails.


The second way/is by logging in to your account go to Projects then go to Projects Board you will see a ton of projects available but our recommendation is to wait for the invites first and then go with this option.


Benefits of being a tester on utest website

Flexibility and remote work opportunities, Learning and skill enhancement, Monetary rewards and incentives, and Advancement to higher tester levels.

Tips for Successful Testing on this website

Participating in test cycles, Collaborating with project teams, Delivering high-quality feedback, Communicating, and collaborating, Following guidelines and instructions, Continuous learning and improvement, Connecting with other uTesters, Participating in forums and discussions, Learning from the uTest community, and Managing time effectively.

Withdrawal methods on utest websites

The withdrawal happens automatically on this website two times, On the 15th of every month and On the last day of the month, and you can withdraw your earnings in two ways

1-Paypal: with minimum 1 $

2-Payoneer: with minimum 2 $


Utest is one of the most important companies to offer the tester job try to understand everything about this company, and try to make your profile and your account full of information, the first test job for you on this website is the most important one because it will open to you higher test jobs and of course will be higher earning.

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