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In today’s article, we will talk about an important subject, if you are willing to work online or earn from the web, your English language is your friend in this journey, if you choose any field to work in, you will see that the most of the work will be in English, so if English is not your first language or you don’t know it it will be very hard to work online.

Emery is a website that offers services to learn English in a funny way we tried it and it was a fantastic experiment with them as English is not our first language too, we will explain everything about it and how you can take advantage and master the English language with them.

What is Emery website?

Learning a new language can become a challenge. Many platforms and applications allow us to learn a second language. But the question is, can we claim fluency in the language? , Emery a Ukrainian startup, emerges as a beacon of innovation and dedication to learning English. 

The team at Emery had to think outside the box to attract users in a highly complex market with many options.


Emery focuses on using entertainment and thought-provoking content delivered by native speakers of English to ensure a better understanding of the language, culture, and traditions. 

Emery is trying to change the narrative that learning a language is not a complex marathon but a light-hearted stroll. This can be achieved by providing authenticity and commitment to the learner’s journey. 

Emery is trying to change the narrative that learning a language is not a complex marathon but a light-hearted stroll. This can be achieved by providing authenticity and commitment to the learner’s journey. 



 they want to deliver the best possible experience and maintain the focus. This will empower people through the English language. The team also realizes a growing demand for English learning tools in underprivileged regions like Eastern Europe, South Asia, and South America. Traditional education often falls short of preparing individuals for the international job market in these areas.

How can you start with them?

First, go to this link/ https://2ly.link/1w3cO

Second, you have to choose which subscription you will go with, they have two subscriptions Silver and Gold, and both subscriptions have a 3-day free trial, so you can try the website before you buy anything.

Silver subscription includes 11 activities to develop your English- feedback on your tasks- progress monitoring- video dictionary- innovative word check technology – and live chat support, this Silver subscription will cost you $5.28/month.

Gold subscription includes all silver features + speaking activities and this Gold subscription will cost you $16/month.



Emery’s app is divided into sections, each focusing on a specific theme or topic. Within these sections are classes covering grammar, vocabulary, phonetics, and more. Some of their innovative learning tools include:

Interactive Video Dictionary: Users watch videos by native speakers explaining word definitions using humor, stories, body language, and facial expressions to build an emotional connection. The entire experience is an engaging one to make the mini-lesson a memorable one. 

Personalized Video Call Feedback: After each class, users engage in a 5-10 minute live video call with a native English speaker for valuable speaking practice and feedback. This also allows the student to get feedback on their progress and highlight areas for improvement, significantly improving their speaking confidence.

Emery Video Challenges: The “Talk to Emery” feature takes learning outside the classroom with a creative twist. Users record and upload selfie-style video clips, which professional English teachers review to provide valuable feedback. This can help students enhance their English communication in personal, academic, or professional contexts.

Word Check: This game-like feature helps users remember vocabulary through videos where hosts explain words without using the actual word. Users must choose the correct word from multiple-choice answers within a time limit. This approach lets the user remember the word and also use the words in the context of the real world.



Emery acknowledges the challenges faced as a startup in the language learning industry. They aim to rebuild belief in attainable, life-changing English skills, striving to create a lasting, trust-based relationship with their users.



Emery’s plans include incorporating AI-assisted learning and gamification techniques and fostering a supportive community of English learners. They are also working on implementing a peer-to-peer learning system, allowing motivated students to become teachers within the platform and potentially generate additional income.


Emery is not just a language-learning app. It’s a revolutionary approach to mastering English that’s affordable, engaging, and accessible. Emery’s mission is to empower people in the English-speaking world. With Emery, you’re not just learning English but experiencing it. Embrace the world without language boundaries with Emery’s revolutionary language learning platform.

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