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In today’s article, we will be talking about a new category on our website and a new way to make money online, we will about how to Become a tester, what you will be doing in this job, how you can work it, and so many things, so try to read the full article to understand the job very well, in the upcoming articles on this category we will write articles on websites that you can work as a tester with them.

How to Become a Tester?

Tester job nowadays is a real job, companies can hire workers to work this job in their offices, but we will explain here in this category how you can work it remotely, this job is very useful today because of the number of websites and applications are created in these days, every day thousands of websites and applications need testers, your job can define to two things,

1-IF you are a programmer: you can work as a software tester, your job will be to check on everything for the website or blog or even applications, you check whether the codes working or not, every everything is working for the user or not, like us imagine if we open our website and we write articles but the coding of our website that user cant reach anywhere except the home page so this is a big mistake, how the website will be known if the user cant reach anything on it, so you mission to discover these bugs or mistakes to improve the websites.

2-IF you are a user: you can work as a tester but you are a user don’t know anything about coding or programming, you are testing the website trying to discover the bugs on it, imagine that you are shopping on Amazon and you try to buy a product but you can’t make checkout, doesn’t make sense right? your job will be to discover these mistakes and also give ideas on how the website or application owners improve them, to give the user a friendly and smooth website or application.

become a tester

The Importance of becoming a tester

It’s very important in nowadays to become a tester for many reasons,

1-Decision maker: as a tester, your decision is very important you will make a decision that will improve your personality and add value to your career, companies and websites are waiting for your decision about their websites or applications, to launch it or not, imagine how many people in the back office waiting that will tell you one thing, your decision matters.

2-The variety of testing: you are not forced to work to become a tester to test things you didn’t like, you have a variety to choose from, you can choose to test a website, blog, mobile app. product. games, so to be creative and a good tester choose what you love and start testing it.

3-Rewards and Compensation: there are serval ways to make money from testing and you will choose how you can earn money, you can choose between,

Cash payments: some companies or websites offer cash for your testing jobs.

Gift cards: other companies can offer you gift cards to buy from it or exchange it for money.

Product samples: sometimes if you are testing a product the companies can offer you to send this product in exchange for your opinion of this product, some of these products prices can be very expensive depending on the product that you are testing.

4-Flexibility: some of the major points that will encourage you to become a tester are flexibility, you can work from anywhere at any time you want, you are not committed every day to work from 9 AM TO 5 PM, no it will not work like that, you have project all the company will ask to finish it before the deadline, they will not care to work on it from where or when they will care to finish before the deadline.

5-Making impact: Beyond the allure of earning money, “Become a Tester” offers an opportunity to make a tangible impact on the products and services that shape our digital world. Your role as a tester extends far beyond financial compensation; it’s about being a part of the development process and having a say in the products that reach the market.

Some important tips for becoming a tester

1-English: 90% or 95% of the testing jobs will be in English so if your English language is not good the job is not for you, even if you are good at writing but your speaking is not good it will not work for you, testing jobs will be about recording yourself and speaking about bugs, so your English must be very good to get accepted in these jobs.

2-Good Internet: as we said before most testing jobs will be recording your screen and sending it to the company and website, you will be talking about bugs and your opinion about the website or mobile app or whatever you are testing, so if you don’t have a good internet connection it will be very hard to perform these jobs, imagine you are recording yourself testing but all of your recording is lags, or you test a website and find the website is very slow, you will see this as a bug, but this is not a bug it is your internet connection.

3-Quite place: when you are testing try to find a quiet place for the recording process, if you are a good tester and you find a lot of bugs while you are testing, but your recording has a lot of noise, the employer will not hear you, so he didn’t know what is the bugs or your opinion, you will be refused also, so quite place will add value to your recording.

4-Try to be honest: when it comes to testing anything one of the most important things is honesty, give everything you test your time and your focus to try to be honest and don’t lie about anything, don’t be shy if you don’t like something say I don’t like it, the employer needs your opinion to improve his business, so try to say everything you don’t like it.

Also, try to read this REDDIT thread to learn more tips from more testers.

become a tester


The “Become a Tester” category unlocks doors to unique and exciting opportunities in the digital world. By participating in testing tasks, you embark on a journey of exploration, contribution, and potential earnings. As you delve into the diverse testing tasks, remember that while “Become a Tester” can be fun and rewarding, it’s essential to exercise caution and engage only with reputable and legitimate testing platforms.

Your journey as a tester is not just about earning money; it’s about making an impact, shaping the digital landscape, and ensuring that the products and services we use are of the highest quality. So, venture forth into the world of “Become a Tester” with enthusiasm and an eye for detail, and enjoy the unique online earning opportunities it brings your way.

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