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In today’s article, we will talk about a cool website called playtestCloud where you can work as a tester on it, as usual, we will explain and share with you everything related to this website from the beginning of the website until how you can earn money from it.

What is the PlaytestCloud website?

PlaytestCloud is a website specialist in testing new games, if you’re a developer and you develop a new game and want to test it before you launch the game in the stores, PlaytestCloud connects you as a developer or gaming companies with the testers to test your game before the launch, the developer or the gaming company pay money to PlaytestCloud to run the tests then PlaytestCloud pays money to the testers, your mission on this website to test the games and give your honest opinion and find bugs if existed, the more good reviews from your side the more you will get money and invites to test games.

How do you become a playtester?

First, you have to create your account from this link/ https://l.linklyhq.com/l/1vcuz, the most important thing is when you sign up there are two fields you have to read it carefully which are ( Which games do you like to play at least weekly?* ) if you are playing any games on desktop or mobile try to mention it it will give you more credit, the second important filed is ( Your Gaming Devices ) if you have a PC and mobile phone or you have ios and android try to mention all the devices that you have in your home, it will give you advantage to all the upcoming test and open a lot of chances to get more test invites.

second, after you sign up and confirm your mail there will be a test to determine your ability if you could this job or not but it will not be paid, don’t worry if you fail you can take the test again personally failed 4 times and passed the test in the 5th time.

third, after you pass the test you will start receiving invites to test games when there is something that matches your profile.

Benefits of working with PlaytestCloud

PlaytestCloud is a well-known company and has an enormous reputation in the gaming industry, so for sure company like that will add to you and your experience as a tester, also the fun part the testing jobs on this website are quite easy you test games, and give your opinion on it, it is not a product or service it is just a game, the earning from the testing on this website is very good from our opinion consider the time you spend in testing a game will not be so much time it can range from 5 to 10 minutes and the payout is very good.

How much money can you make?

Actually, it depends on two factors, first, how many games you test in the month, and second, your location Sometimes gaming companies require for example USA citizens only, and to be honest, these kinds of jobs are not full-time jobs or you can depend only on them no you can consider it as a side hustle or extra income to your basic income, because if you get like two invites only in the month and every invite the average payout is 10 $ for everyone it means you earned only 20 $ so don’t fully depend on it.

Some Tips

1-First test: the first test you take is the most important one try to be so focused when you test the game, don’t be afraid of failure you can take the test again if you fail, but the first test is important because it will open to you the world of gaming tests on this website

2-Be the first one: some invites need only for example 1000 or 10000 testers to test this game it depends on the invite condition, try to be one of them, download the mobile application, and turn on the notification to make the test as soon as possible.

IOS/ https://l.linklyhq.com/l/1vcvR

ANDROID/ https://l.linklyhq.com/l/1vcvV

3-Dont think about money: don’t think about how much money you will make or that the payout is not worthing your time, it is not your basic income it is a side hustle if you made 20 $ from just working 30 minutes in the full month i think it not bad at all, this 30 minutes you waste it scrolling every day on the social media platforms without making any penny, but if you think that you have a 50 website and from every website you make 20$ that’s 1000$ in the month besides your basic income which could be online too by the way, that’s the mentality you must have.

If you need more tips on how to be a good tester try to read this article.

How do you can withdraw your earnings?

You can withdraw your earnings by GIFT CARDS, BANK CARDS, AND PAYPAL, there is no minimum amount to withdraw your earnings, the withdrawal process will be done automatically after the website approves the testing job you have already done, after the acceptance you will see the money in your account after 2-3 working days.


Playtestcloud is a fun website and an easy way to earn some money, anyone can work in these jobs you will receive an invite to test some kind of game, you will test and say your opinion and get paid that is it, try to keep your profile updated and add a lot of devices to participate in all sort of invites the more devices you add the more invites you will get, if you play any game try to mention it will give you an advantage as a player, try to read the tips and do it will maximize your earnings.

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