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In today’s article, we will talk about another website that offers some free money, Raseed invest is a big company in the trading industry especially in the Middle East region, we will also explain how to earn your first 3$ with them.

What is Raseed invest?

Raseed is a free trading app that allows investors to trade stocks and exchange-traded funds commission-free on all transactions. There is no minimum investment, either. Raseed’s mission is to democratize finance for all, including those in the Middle East.

They believe that everyone should have access to the financial markets, so they have built Raseed with everyone in mind to make investing friendly, approachable, and understandable for newcomers and experts alike.

They are backed by enormous financial institutions such as VISA, EL MASHRAQ BANK, AND OQAL


Is Raseed available for citizens of all countries?

Raseed currently serves citizens of over 150 countries, also at the moment they are not accepting any clients from the following countries,

(Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, Sudan, and South Sudan).

Is Raseed company regulated?

Yes, they are regulated form two powerful regulation authorities,

1-From Central Bank of Bahrain, you can check the license from this link.

2-From Dubai Financial Services Authority, you can check the license from here.

How you can earn your first 3$ on Raseed?

First, Download the app, For IOS USERS / https://2ly.link/1vh17

ANDROID USERS/ https://2ly.link/1vh1M

Second, after you download the app, sign up, and in the reference code field write this code ( L39P0P )

Third, open the app you will see that you have to complete your KYC verification, and the KYC is very easy, you will upload your national ID or residence card, Residence proof documents, and the last thing is face authentication.

After you get approved your app will be the same as the below photo.


After you get approved make any trade starting from 1$ and you will earn a 3$ bouns.

Two notes/ 1- if you didn’t write our reference code you will not earn the bonus.

2- Unfortunately this bonus is only for the GCC region only, which is ( Bahrain,  KuwaitOmanQatarSaudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates).

Which assets can you trade on Raseed app?

The amount of assets you can trade in this app is huge, it is all you need in just one app, from the American stocks market, worldwide stocks, cryptocurrency, and ETF, also there are options like copy trade if you do not have any experience in trading you can see the history of the trader, and also the performance of this copy for period of time.

Funding options on this app

Debit cards: but there will be a 2% fee.

Standard wire transfer: with 0% fee, but it will take from 3-5 days, to reach your account

Crypto wallet: The only allowed deposit is ( USDT- TRC20)

Withdraw options on this app

By card: you can initiate a withdrawal to your card through the card network, Card withdrawal fees are 2% with a maximum of $25.

By Wire transfer: wire transfer fees could range between $15 and $40 depending on the source of deposit.

They are planning to add a third option, Crypto withdrawal through the blockchain. (Expected: End of January 2023)


Raseed app is a great app if you need to save some money and invest it in a variety of investment options, try to take advantage if you are a citizen from the CGU REGION and copy our referral code ( L39P0P ) to earn a 3$ bonus, if you are a beginner try to read the tutorials they are provided and also our recognition to stick to the auto-invest option if you are a totally beginner to the trading industry.

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