In today’s article, we will talk about a great website that gives people the chance to work as a transcriber, Gotranscript is one of the most famous and trusted websites in the transcript industry, and we will explain everything about how you can work with them, some tips, and also our experiment with them as always.

What is GoTranscript?

GoTranscript is a website that provides transcription services, They offer a platform where users can upload audio or video files, and the company transcribes the content into text, This service is particularly useful for individuals or businesses that need accurate and timely transcriptions for various purposes, such as creating written records of interviews, meetings, podcasts, or other audio/video content.

They offer many services for clients such as Transcription, Automated Transcripts, Captions, Translation, and Foreign Subtitles, but right now they are only hiring for a transcriber position.


Who can work with them?

As we said before right now they only have the transcriber vacancy, so you have to speak one or more of the following languages to be able to work with them ( English, Arabic, Bosnian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Dutch, Filpino, French, German, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Koren, Lithuanian, Persian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese ).

Note/ Most of the available work will be in English so if you speak English even if the language is not your first language, choose English to have more available work on this website.

How you can work with them?

First, go to this link/, choose your language search for the apply button, press it, fill out the form, and sign up

Note/We recommend you choose the English language if you are good, even if the language is not your first language.


Second, after you sign up and verify your mail, there will be a test for the language you chose before you sign up if you pass the test they will invite you when there is available work for you, if you fail don’t worry you can take the test again.

What is the GoTranscript test?

The test will be 2 sections and to be honest, the test is very hard if you are an expert in any language you will pass it,

In the first section, some random questions about the language you chose, also they will focus on the spelling and grammar of this language

Second section, some audio, and all you have to do to convert the audio to text, as a transcriber it will be very easy for you, but in the test of all the audio we had the quality of the voice was very bad, they want to know if you are expert and fir for this job or not.

Tip, before you take the test try to read the guidelines to know exactly what they need from you as a transcriber, you can find the guidelines in this link/

Note/You have to answer all the test questions correctly, if you fail one question you will fail the whole test.

When and how you will get your test result?

They review both English and foreign language applications manually, so it might take up to 30-60 days to get your results, Results are sent by email (check your spam folder too).
You can also check your application’s status from the test page: if you see an error message saying that we’re checking your application, it means that it’s still pending.
If you see the audio file and your previous submission, it means that your application was declined, and you can take the test again.
If you’re accepted, the error message will say, You are a transcriber, you don’t need to do the test.’ You will also get to see the Work section when you’re accepted.

Do you need any equipment to start working?

No, Gotranscript just requires a PC/other device and a set of headphones.

How much money you will make?

It depends on how much work you have done in the month, but The average payment rate is $0.60/minute of audio transcribed.


How you will withdraw your money?

GoTranscript pays via PayPal and Payoneer only, payments are generated every Friday, and there is no minimum for the payout they will send your money automatically to your account.


GoTranscript is a great website to start your transcriber career, one of the biggest and oldest website that offer this job, try to be focus when you are taking your test, dont worry or be afraid if you fail your test you can take it again until you pass it, chose the language that you feel you are good in it, English language is the king in this job but if you dont know English it is okay you have plenty of other languages you can choose.

If you want more websites to work on it as a transcriber, check out these articles.

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